Interesting people
create interesting work.

For any brand to live up to its promise, it should be honest and insightful. Just like the studio that helped create it.

Beth Welch

Executive Vice President

San Jose State University
B.S. in Business Administration,
Emphasis in Marketing

17 years experience

With a degree from San Jose State University in Business Administration and Marketing, she brings a strong sense of management and creativity to the agency. If multitasking was a sport, you can bet Beth would be MVP. To start, she’s one of seven kids and has three little towheads of her own. Still, Beth finds time to throw parties with her family, play Bunco with girlfriends and get the best shopping deals she can find! Beth has always kept busy; it’s in her nature. After 17 years of agency work under her heels, she finds herself managing work, family and playtime. Yes, Beth loves life for its challenges, and takes them on head first.

Cheryl Lovejoy

Senior Media Designer

California State University, Chico
B.A. in Communication Design,
Emphasis in Graphic Design

15 years experience

Cheryl brings years of design expertise and a great deal of cheer to Schipper Design. Her love of learning is the driving force behind her detailed, masterful designs. No matter the challenge, she always seizes opportunities to teach herself and others about emerging new mediums and techniques. Cheryl is a gifted storyteller, whether it is designing digital animations or chatting over a cup of coffee.

Outside the office, you can find Cheryl teaching art at her daughter Claire’s class, riding roller coasters with her son Eli, or looking after her two boisterous hens, Edna and Maggie.

Jessica Willis

Agency Account Coordinator

Evangel University
B.A. in Journalism

5 years experience

Before becoming our resident copywriter, Jessica honed her skills by working for a newspaper, a TV show, and then a magazine. These were fitting career moves, considering that she majored in Journalism in college. Around the office, Jessica is known for her candidness and problem-solving abilities, showing that client challenges are opportunities to learn. At home, Jessica loves eating sushi and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, decorating her house with pineapple things, and taking lots of photos during day trips with her husband.

David Padron

Senior Graphic Designer

California State University, Fresno
B.A. in Fine Art, Emphasis in Graphic Design

20 years experience

David has always been a proactive self-starter, a trait we appreciate about him at Schipper Design. Before he settled down in Santa Cruz, David majored in Graphic Design after he discovered he wanted to create art in a business setting instead of becoming an art teacher. With more than 20 years of advertising experience, David brings a focused eye for design, collaboration, and creative direction. After work, you’ll find David painting and drawing, enjoying a day at the beach with his wife, son and doggie or listening to old 80s and 90s Rap and R&B music.

Diane McGirr

Senior Digital Designer

California State University, Monterey Bay
B.S. in Telecommunications, Mulitmedia & Applied Computing

13 years experience

When Diane is focused, there’s no stopping her. A self-described perfectionist, Diane has the ability to deliver designs that are creative yet highly functional. As our first web developer and Schipper veteran of over 11 years, we trust Diane with our most challenging digital projects. When she is not designing and coding, she enjoys hyping up the holidays with her two kids, playing with her seven-toed cat, Mochi, and teaching exhilarating fitness classes, including kickboxing and hip-hop.

Kamryn Keefe

Graphic Designer

California State University, Monterey Bay
B.A. in Visual and Public Art

4 years experience

Kamryn’s career in graphic design is fresh, but her attention to detail is that of a seasoned pro. Her self-initiative and love for collaboration allows her to become excited by any design feat she can get her hands on. Whether its web development or 140 page catalogs, she’s eager to do it all.
Kamryn is a tried and true California girl. When she’s not soaking up the sun, Kamryn spends time coaching her boyfriend’s Sunday Men’s Soccer League, though she’s never played a game of soccer herself. She enjoys her friends and family, and has recently discovered a love for crafting and infusing homemade gin. She’s been swimming with wild stingrays, and the only hiccup in her sunny California lifestyle is that she’s 90% sure she is allergic to avocados, of all things. Her determination to learn and curate more experience both professionally and in life will take her far. (13.1 miles in fact! She ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon twice!)

Emily Deleissegues

Account Manager

Seattle University
B.A. in Business Management

3 years experience

Emily thrives on making people’s daily lives and experiences better. After holding management positions in the hospitality industry in Seattle, Emily came home to the Central Coast where she became an imperative addition to the Schipper Design Team. She works closely with clients to articulate and implement strategic solutions. She enjoys getting to know different teams and industries, which enables her to learn something new everyday.

As a devoted Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants fan, she brings Bay Area team spirit into the office. When she is not diligently responding to clients, Emily loves going on hikes with her dog, enjoys a great cappuccino and is always planning her next travel adventure.

Tina Ribeiro Benich

Account Manager

California State University, Sacramento
B.S. in Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing

13 years experience

Tina has been doing marketing for over 13 years and loves it! She has developed strategic campaigns and managed award-winning marketing projects for a variety of products and services, including tasty food and beverages, beautiful homes, behavioral health services, and life-saving medical devices. While not at work, she spends time with her husband chasing after and playing with their rambunctious triplets. It’s not easy, but it sure is fun. Tina comes from a close-knit Portuguese community and enjoys trips to the Azores where she visits with family, takes in the slow pace of life, natural beauty and delicious cuisine.

Lars Faye

Web Developer

8 years experience

A dedicated life-long techie and digital virtuoso, Lars has been working with computers before Microsoft and Apple became household brands. From hardware, software, networking, to hosting – Lars delivers over eight years of solid skills. He’s a master at building responsive websites that deliver on the front and back-end. When Lars isn’t cracking the code to lo-fi beat-tapes and de-mystifying the interwebz, you can find him spending time with his wife and his daughter, cooking up food for every meal of the day, and jamming on his harmonica with a drink of choice while the sun sets.


Account Manager

Arizona State University

Clint Barton was Born in Waverly, Iowa. At a young age he lost both of his parents in a car accident. After six years in an orphanage, Clint and his brother Barney ran away to join the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders. Clint soon caught the eye of the Swordsman, who took the young boy on as his assistant. Along with the help of Trick Shot, the Swordsman trained Clint to become a master archer. Clint later found the Swordsman embezzling money from the carnival. Before he could turn his mentor over to the authorities, Clint was beaten and left for dead, allowing the Swordsman to escape town. Clint’s relationship with his brother Barney and Trick Shot soon deteriorated as well.

Clint adapted his archery skills to become a star carnival attraction, a master archer called “Hawkeye”.

Michelle Padron

Graphic Designer

California State University, Fresno
B.A. in Graphic Design

12 years experience

Having worked her way up from a graphics assistant at a print shop, through the ranks at a design firm in Fresno, and now landing at Schipper Design, Michelle is passionate about her work and enjoys contributing to the team every day. Michelle knew that she wanted to be a designer from a relatively young age, studying at Fresno State on a full academic scholarship through the Smittcamp Family Honors College. Her design style is defined by thoughtful organization of color, images and space. Michelle loves spending the day at the beach with her husband, son, and dog Wally, scribbling in a sketchbook.

Loni Johnston

Graphic Designer

Pacific Union College
B.S. Photography, B.S. Graphic Design

6 years experience

Loni made her way from the dusty deserts of Calexico to the coastal breezes of the Monterey Bay after graduating with a double major in graphic design and photography. She brought with her a fluency in Spanish and a knack for giving her designs a strong voice with typography. She most enjoys working with non-profits and helping people with the strong influence that design brings. As the resident critter-catcher, Loni is often called upon to save the spiders and bees that have wandered into the office.

Off-hours, she can be found attempting bold recipes in her new kitchen, engaging in fitness challenges with her boyfriend, or rescuing house-plants from the sale section of stores.

Kaysea Johnson

Creative Systems Manager

2 years experience

Whether it be tackling new software like a seasoned-pro or creating pieces as our resident mixed media artist, Kaysea’s skillset is vital to our team at Schipper Design. She spent her early career as an artist, skateboard builder, Greenpeace advocate, and sign painter, among other things building the type of knowledge, experience and agility needed to harness the most challenging systems into elegant solutions. Outside of work, you will find Kaysea chasing her two wild boys and getting her hands dirty in her garden.

Kathy Schipper

Creative Director

University of San Francisco
B.S. in Communication and Organizational Behavior

23 years experience

Kathy is a passionate person; passionate about color (right now, it’s red-orange), passionate about creating high-texture canvas artwork, and passionate about building creative marketing materials. In every project Kathy lends her strong intuition to push the creative forward. Her expertise started in college, where she studied art and design before graduating with a degree in organizational behavior. Her creative vision grew over the years, as she took on in various roles in the marketing and design industry. Kathy’s confidence lies in her creative leadership, her team at Schipper Design, and the continuous flow of inspiration she gathers from art museums, design conferences, as well as the great outdoors.

Ella Kaplan

Project Coordinator

Skidmore College
B.S. Anthropology & Business

0.5 years experience

Ella has traveled the furthest to join the Schipper team, voyaging from her tiny Vermont hometown. Her travels to Cambodia, Senegal and Morocco inspired her to study Anthropology and Business at Skidmore College. Fascinated by the connection between human behavior and design strategy, she brings a fresh perspective and engages with clients to produce smart, effective work. When she’s especially enthused about a project, you’ll see Ella wiggle excitedly in her seat. She enjoys learning about new topics, stalking food blogs for the latest trendy recipes, and traveling as often and as far as she can.

Inside Schipper Design

After opening our doors more than 14 years ago, we’ve had three studio spaces, consumed hundreds of donut holes, and cultivated thousands of designs. We’re 40 minutes from Silicon Valley, home to the world’s high-tech influencers and entrepreneurial innovators. As such, we continue to develop our talents, engaging with the newest tools and apps to expand our marketing capabilities.

You can’t use up
The more you use,
the more you have.

Print is still very

much alive and


and we love it.

Our work is a
synthesis of solid
design talent,
sound marketing,
and creative magic.

Our clients love
our honest and
transparent approach…
Ahh, refreshing.