Stock images Before and After Covid-19

Put a mask on it!

Stock imagery before and after COVID-19

Whether adding a mask, or airbrushing out people to achieve optimal social distancing, the tried-and-true stock images won’t be the same. Check out 16 post-pandemic images that we’ve found and curated from some of our beloved stock image websites.

1. Phone, wallet, keys, mask, hand sanitizer. Check.

*Runs back in to grab sunglasses*

Before COVID featuring smart phone, watch, keys, wallet, sunglasses AFTER COVID-19, wallet, earbuds, smart phone, keys, mask and sanitizer

2. Bye scruffy beards and facial hair. We’ll miss you.

Well… most of you.

3. We’re mostly open for business

We’re open, but 5 people at a time, answer these 5 questions, and may we take your temperature, please?

4. Let’s elbow tap on that!

Don’t forget to smize them in the eye!

5. Calling this meeting to order.

“Someone needs to mute their phone, we’re hearing a lot of background noise.”

6. Working at the office vs. at home

“If I ignore them, they’ll leave me alone…”

7. Home grocery delivery

“Ma’am, we have contactless payment”

8. Zoom Zumba

9. Visiting the grandparents

10. First dates

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

11. eLearning

“Boys and girls, don’t make me mute you!”

12. Save what date?

13. Tying the knot

“You may now remove the mask and kiss the bride.”

14. Cha-cha-cha, and many more from Channel 4…

Now there’s no excuse to miss out on your third cousin’s birthday.

15. Drive-thru graduation

“Hi, I’ll take one diploma and an extra-large curly fry with a coke.”

16. “Put a mask on it”

Similar to Portlandia’s “Put a bird on it”, stock illustrators have decided to go with the motto “just put a mask on it.”

*All images available on Shutterstock.

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