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Presentation Design for Corporate Sales, Investors & IPOs

Sales presentation design is the art of persuasion, and persuasion is always more compelling with clear, professional visuals. Schipper Design has been delivering effective sales and investor decks for California’s Silicon Valley for over 15 years. We know PowerPoint. We know Keynote and Adobe Spark. And we know how to use them to influence, persuade, and close.

Designing The Perfect PPT Deck

Located in the heart of California’s Central Coast between Salinas and Gilroy, Schipper Design is an established agency of 16 that specializes in creating the kind of vitality and authenticity that will elevate your personal and corporate brand and, ultimately, win the deal. Serving businesses from San Jose and Santa Clara County through San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey, we provide comprehensive sales presentation design that includes:

  • Professional PowerPoint design
  • Up-and-coming presentation formats including Keynote, Google Slides, and Adobe Spark for video presentations
  • Decks for every audience and need: Investor decks, corporate IPO presentations, CXO decks, annual sales conferences, budget-holder proposals, sales demos, speeches, and keynotes
  • Communication planning services and consultation available as needed to assist with presentation framework, storyline structure, and messaging strategy
  • Balanced grid design and brand integration
  • Visual elements, animated charts and graphs, and color palette—all expertly and consistently applied to create the perfect pitch

From Silicon Valley IPO’s to Central Coast Conferences

Whether you’re delivering a PowerPoint presentation to an audience of 1000 or an audience of one, Schipper Design is your partner in ensuring your message is expertly delivered.

Our 15 years of proven, practical expertise in presentation design was honed on the unique strategic marketing challenges of the tech, agriculture, specialty food, and service industries that make up the Santa Clara Valley and neighboring South Bay and Central Coast.

We adhere to the mantra of less is more. Memorable, effective pitches deliver a compelling story but avoid the kind of complexity that can lose an audience. By incorporating professional presentation design into the visuals that accompany your message, you’ll keep the audience focused on your vision.

Schipper Design gives you the runway you need to inspire, educate, and close the deal. Call us now.


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