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Meet Our New Creative Director

Schipper Design’s growth further fueled by the addition of Zack Shubkagel, Creative Director.

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA. (September 4, 2019) — Schipper Design is excited to announce our new creative director, Zack Shubkagel. Zack brings a fresh perspective on redefining brand and consumer experiences.

For nearly two decades, Zack has worked with entrepreneurs, organizations and C-level execs to imagine and reinvent brand experiences that change organizations and consumer minds. He has led teams to produce creative solutions that are effective and emotionally altering. He brings a systems approach to tie brand strategy and well-crafted design experiences across print, digital, environments and product packaging. Zack has worked with companies like Panera Bread, Taylor Farms, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cerner Health, Kauffman Foundation, and the Omidyar Group to name a few.

Zack joins Schipper Design at a fortuitous time. As the agency builds on its proven and talented design approach, the agency continues to propel brand experiences everywhere, from local and regional entities to national powerhouses.

“I’m excited to join the talented Schipper team and help to elevate our work and presence in the industry,” said Zack.

Meet Zack

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