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Front cover of Syngenta Flowers 2020-2021 annual catalog
Inside pages of Syngenta Flowers 2020-2021 annual catalog

Feel the energy of Syngenta Flowers' new brand! Schipper helped extend and apply a new brand refresh by Dutch agency, Milford. We adapted the new system to the North American market, applying it beyond the brand guidelines into advertising, traditional and virtual tradeshows, catalogs, social media and marketing.

The new brand reflects a forward-thinking organization that wants to stand-out in a crowded industry. We were able to help translate the European work into a North America market with subtle tweaks to the color palette and building off of the original design intent.

We've also helped launch the new brand through social media. Our strategic approach to content reflects their business objectives.

Laptop computer displaying Syngenta Flowers Facebook profile
Smartphone showing Syngenta Flowers instagram profile
3 by 3 grid showing square social media posts promoting Syngenta Flowers' new brand
Syngenta Flowers geranium magazine ad
Syngenta Flowers greenhouse decorated for 2020 cast event

We were excited to introduce the new brand during Syngenta Flowers' signature event, the 2020 California Spring Trials (CAST). This is where new products are introduced to growers and distributers. We designed an immersive experience around the concept, "Grow your Senses." We developed experiential exhibits that touched on sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

Sadly the in-person event was cancelled due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders.

Flower trade show display mockup for 2020 event
Flower trade show display mockup for 2020 event
3 by 2 grid of square instagram posts promoting Syngenta Flowers 2020 Webcast

Just two weeks before opening day, the decision was made to cancel the tradeshow and do a live stream event instead. We worked side-by-side with the Syngenta team to quickly rebrand and retool CAST to make the experience accessible online. The name of the event was changed to webCAST and promotions for this online experience began before it was even built!

In less than a week, our teams collaborated and produced a branded microsite with pages for all of their new products. Pages included videos, sales sheets, downloadable posters and more. The Syngenta team curated a 2-day schedule of live webinars and demonstrations with their dispersed product managers, each live-streaming from their home offices.

The end result was well-received with over 800 attendees. As an added bonus, all of that content now lives on their website for more eyes to visit for months to come.


Desktop and laptop computers showing Syngenta Flowers 2020 Webcast website

What the client said /

Schipper Design has become an invaluable member of our everyday working team. They have taken the time to learn our unique (and tricky) business, our multi-faceted industry, and our layers of customers.

From catalogs, web design, logos, advertising, graphic design, social media management, all the way to brand implementation and overarching marketing strategy, Schipper has helped us create a professional, updated look and a leading reputation that we are proud of.

These guys are creative, fun, and have incredible attention to detail… all the things that help us break old habits and set new standards!

– Olivia Sellards, Customer Marketing Manager, Syngenta Flowers