Ostial Medical Logo Design in 3D

Ostial Corporation


Ostial makes and markets the Flash™ Aorto-Ostial Angioplasty 2-in-1 dual balloon system. They wanted to leverage their existing market position and elevate their brand with a more consistent and confident look. Working with Sprig Consulting we rebranded the organization to appeal to the physician market.

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Ostial Medical Logo Refresh - Before and After
Ostial Brand Guide

We developed a new brand persona based on the words "Serious, Confident, Consistent, Hired Gun." We also recommended a new brand architecture with Ostial Flash to leverage their corporate name with their primary product to reduce confusion. The new name is capped off with a new tagline, True 360.

Ostial Corporation - Business Card Design
Ostial Corporation - Embossed Logo
Ostial Corporation - Face Mask Mask Design
Ostial Corporation - Flash 360 Brochure Design
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