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PCOS is a leading driver of infertility and can affect up to 15% of women, according to AblaCare. To address the overproduction of male hormones in the ovary, AblaCare’s procedure uses ablation to eliminate excess tissue to allow for the development and regular release of mature eggs without the need for fertility drugs. The new procedure offers spontaneous ovulation in as many as 75% of women within six months after the procedure, with up to 55% naturally achieving pregnancy over the same period of time.

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The previous identity illustrated an ovarian follicle and egg, as a symbol for fertility. With the new direction, the treatment expanded beyond helping women with fertility issues- so we sought a more universal appeal. We did keep with the teal color which is the color for for PCOS.

The new brand identity features three dots symbolizing the return to the normalcy provided by the AblaCare treatment. The mark is dynamic and offers fluid executions for social media, digital and print.

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