Santa Catalina School

The conversation: Santa Catalina School had not updated their identity since the late 1980s. The school was ready for a change and began the process by establishing a need for a new brand. Not simply a logo, or new style guide but a clear direction for their brand. Santa Catalina’s brand identity should honor its heritage and celebrate its future as a leader in private, independent education.

The position: This new brand identity, with a balance of tradition and innovation, will serve as a visual representation of Santa Catalina in the coming decades; the best of the past will serve as the foundation for the future.

Enter Schipper Design: Key themes emerged through research, interviews, meetings, and process development. Clearly the school had a strong culture. We worked to bring established traditions into a new light with language that would speak to the heart of the schools mission and dedication to each student.

The solution: The new logo evolved from two elements present in the past: the Christian cross and symbols of the abundant nature that surrounds the school. The design embodies a balance of Santa Catalina’s historical tradition and heritage with 21st-century imagination and innovation. At the heart of the Santa Catalina brand is transformation, a story lived out in a myriad of ways within the school experience.

Results: A tag line: Do Well. Do Good and a beautiful logo, which at first glance, appears to be four distinct shapes in two colors. As one engages further, however, a cross emerges from the white space. At the center of the cross is a sparkle of movement, in design terms a “moiré” effect, this effect is quite purposeful as it centers the eye on the cross and adds a third dimension to the visual mystique of the logo.
The cross emerges within a juxtaposition of four leaves. These leaves call to mind the hand-drawn oak leaves of the original logo utilized until the late 1980s.

The deliverables:

  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Story
  • Logo
  • Business System