Red Blossom

The conversation: Red Blossom Strawberries first came to Schipper Design in 2006 to develop a logo and marketing strategies for the launch of their new strawberry company. Through the years we worked side by side with Michelle, the Director of Marketing to develop annual campaigns for trade shows and advertising efforts. In 2007 we launched their first web site.

Fast forward to 2013 and everyone agreed it was time for a new web site.

The position: Red Blossom, clearly known for great strawberries, had expanded over the years and now produces blackberries and blueberries. Michelle, Director of Marketing gave us a clear directive; “Design a site unlike every other produce web site; be very forward thinking. Our web site should stand out in both design and functionality – I want someone to crave strawberries after visiting this site.”

Enter Schipper Design: The web is constantly changing – keeping up with trends and technology is part of what we do on a daily basis. Our idea for look and feel focused on the fresh and free nature of living in California and enjoying the bountiful harvest of food in this beautiful state. We knew that outstanding photography and a simple, easy way to navigate would give us the best opportunity to create a genuine experience for every visitor.

The solution: Using the new parallax and responsive web technologies we began to craft an interactive experience for the web site user. We incorporated the scrolling features of the mobile environment. We simplified the experience to large-scale photography and heartfelt messages. No more heavy text or redundant information. Our goal was to give each user a true desire to sit with a big bowl of strawberries and enjoy them the way they did as a kid.

Results:  A beautiful, engaging and interactive web site with photography that can be leveraged for other marketing and collateral pieces. Technology allowed for multiple mobile experiences.

The deliverables:

  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Web site
  • Mobile site
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